Sunday, January 22, 2006

Winter sport holiday in the Austrian Alps

We just came back from our winter sport holiday in Zillertal, which in English literally means, Ziller Valley, nestled peacefully in the heart of the European Alps in Tirol, Austria. One week is indeed enough of this back, leg, knee, arm and neck breaking snow sport.

1st foto: the Zillertal Arena cable car; 2nd foto: lift somewhere in the Tirolean Alps; 3rd foto: me sitting in the lift, ready for some action.

At any rate, my body’s resistance was gnarled, and my character, put to the ultimate test, ergo, I am so beaten dood moe [dead tired] but I have many exciting and scary stories to report!!!

Here is a quick wrap-up for the eager ones who can’t wait...

Day one of our official ski holiday, this ruthless beginner, that’s me by the way, who actually never skied on real snow as my training in Holland was done in a plastic brush hill with a 5 to 10 meter tilt... guess what, directly scaled the steep red piste [slope]! Daring? Well not yet, not quite enough. I also braved, had no choice actually, a Siberian-like snowstorm up in the Alps, in where else --- in the red and black pistes! OK, I’m a braggart, but so what, this is my blog.

Something odd and beside the point though, I injured my finger on a non-ski related incident [blame the Dutchman]. This, I found quite funny because a number of people that go on winter sport normally injure themselves from, ie. falling on the slope, twisting their legs with the skis, jumping on somebody else or crashing on a lift pole or pine tree.

Terraces [cafe, bar and restaurant] up in the Tirolean Alps.

After a mid-way scale down, I like to rest in a terrace and drink a warm glass of gluewijn [gluhwein/glowing wine] and sometimes munch on a droge worst [dried sausage].

With the ski thermal jacket and layers of clothing, take note, fleece, it can be sweltering hot up in the mountains, that is, if the weather is nice. If not, it can be freaking hypothermic cold.

See, I am ready to conquer Austria's Tirolean Alps! This is by the way a red piste, quite steep... and well, what else is new, I look like a snow mascot.

The Zillertal Arena by Zell am Ziller were predominantly laid out in red and black pistes, definitely not the place for a beginner like me, but lo and behold babies, I survived, hehe.

There were only two blue pistes I saw on the map. The one near the main lift was pretty damn boring because the route is too short, great for kids but only a teaser for adults. Hear ye people, the pumping the adrenalin rush must not be wasted in vain. Then the other better blue piste is located at the back of the mountain range and to get there, you must first slay a series of challenging red and black mazes. Talk about many Goliaths.

Even the ski teachers said that a number of the red pistes in Zillertal Arena were actually blacks. I’m going to gag them myself, maybe in the next trip.

More breathtaking sceneries up in the pistes. I have never seen so much white in my life!

I will post a few entries about this ski holiday in the coming days, just give me some time to organize the many pictures we took.

So for now, enjoy the beautiful scenery above, of the Austrian Alpine peaks in the Tirolean region.


Green piste - for beginners and sledding, very easy terrain
Blue piste - for beginners, light and manageable slope
Red piste - for advanced skiers, middle with relative steep slope
Black piste - for experts and daredevils, hard to manage and very steep slope

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