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Checking out Playa de Los Cancajos in La Palma

Destination: La Palma Island, The Canary Islands, 
Spain Travel Period: August 2020  

On our fifth day on La Palma Island, Dutchman and I headed down to the capital, but before reaching Santa Cruz de la Palma, we did a little detour and visited Playa de Los Cancajos.

Santa Cruz de la Palma behind the rocks in the distance. 

Here are a few pictures we took in the morning before driving to the capital.

This tree was growing under the balcony. It looks like avocado but it is not.

Our brunch spread.

More nibbles while Dutchman takes a dip in the pool.

Then we are on the road to Santa Cruz de la Palma.

As we have more time on our hands, we went to check out Los Cancajos, a tourist beach resort situated conveniently beside the capital. We do not plan to go beaching here; we were just curious and want to do a little bit of sightseeing. If we like what we see, we will come back.

View of Santa Cruz de la Palma from the highway exit to Los Cancajos.

Apartment resorts in Los Cancajos.

We went directly to the beach area and parking was quite difficult to find. So we drove around and luckily found a slot from someone who just drove away.

Los Cancajos is perhaps the Tenerife of La Palma. Most holidaymakers here are locals, and I mean Spaniards from the other islands or mainland. The location of Los Cancajos makes it an attractive summer holiday destination for locals as it is near to the airport and the capital. A nice combination of sun, sea, and culture. 

Random banana trees on the street.

Los Cancajos main boulevard.

The beach has a mix of a stretch of sand dunes and rocks.

From the beach, you can see the capital.

Looks like some cement art installation on the rocks.

A podium for events on top of the rocky cliffs. This is perfect for a small concert, theater shore, a wedding, or a religious mass service.

Los Cancajos has a number of these big hotel buildings and modern apartment complexes. The vibe is similar to Cancun but just smaller.

In Spain (August 2020), one must wear a mask even outdoors.

Quickly removed the mask for a second for a photo.

The boulevard is quite long with many benches.

A nice little natural pool protected by the rocks.

The beach area has also some coves.

Los Cancajos is a nice and modern beach resort catering to local mass tourism package type of holidays. It is conveniently located in the capital and has good accessibility to shops, restaurants. and the basics. The beach is multifaceted. It has a sandy stretch, bays, small coves, rocky cliffs, and natural pools. 

It did not speak much to us though, particularly the Dutchman who is looking for some character in his beaches, so we have decided not to come back here. If this beach area is not more than an hour away from where we were staying, I might just convince the Dutchman to think twice. 

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