Saturday, August 14, 2004

Dinner with Pat

The dinner with Pat was lovely. We went to this place called DJANGO in Utrecht. The place was very gezellig, which is suppose to mean cozy.

The food was superb albeit too little. I ordered those typical European cuisine and was first served with a voorgerecht [appetizer] of measly scraps of lettuce and shrimp. I was sure too that the hoofdgerecht [main course] didn't even reach my viscerals.

Anyhow I didn't bother raiding the fridge when I got home. I need the NEEDED diet anyway.

During the dinner, we talked randomly about many things. Her family holiday in Spain, mine in Greece; her sister from Florida visited Holland; our work; the omniprescence of assumably control-freak bitches at work too; our Dutchmen and I won't further comment on that because the Dutchman knows this site and he might hack it down; our un-never-finished houses (her daughter just called that the sink again dripped!); and of course what we want as 21st century wimin.

I think flying to New York with her is an exciting idea, in fact she would be the best person to travel with since she lived and worked there for more than half of her life's existence. She did want us to go visit London together although I am not so hot about that. I was just there 2 months ago but I forgot to take pictures. *kicks my ass*.

It was a nice time with Pat. And maybe in the future, I will bring Dutchman to this DJANGO restaurant.

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