Saturday, September 11, 2004

Double Dutch: Sick because of Shopping

I have fever and colds. Must be because of the weather? In Dutch its called koorts (fever) and verkoudheid (colds)... pronounced in English as "fer-cowed-hide".

I have the damn thing since Thursday. Yeah, don’t ridicule me for going out on a shopping blitz *lol* the other night, it was only a mere sickly feeling that I thought I could handle. Though I knew already that I will be really blown out sick the next day Friday, so I gathered enough strength and energy and shopped Thursday night, I mean I will be locked up in the weekend anyway! Smarty pants eh?

Well I didn’t go to work yesterday and Friday either. The fever was running high and my throat was so terrible, couldn’t even swallow my own saliva without causing pain! I only woke up about 30 minutes during lunch to eat, call in quick on Dutchman at work and checked my laptop. The next thing that woke me up was Dutchman opening the bedroom door when he arrived home at 7:45pm. Oh dear, I slept the whole freaking day away!

He was so sweet, he brought me KFC hot chicken wings (the tiny 6 pieces) that I requested when I called him during lunch. I don’t know but I always have this severe craving for chicken when I am sick!

I couldn’t anymore lay in bed after that. I guess I have had too much sleep indulgence. The next thing I knew I was blogging. Can anyone actually relate?

Today, Dutchman earned another extra point. Yeah it’s really about time! He did grocery shopping while I stayed at home recuperating. When he came back with the goods, he had a huge grin on his face. Something told me that the shopping went eventful.

He announced, “I did the shopping real quick today because you were not around”.

I just rolled my eyes.

I think what he means by that is, he will do ALL the subsequent grocery shopping alone. Fine!


  1. Get well soon, the KFC Hot Wings have been awaiting.., peace greetings from Monrovia :)

  2. Hi Luigi! Welcome :-) KFC always rocks! I saw your profile and it says Procurement Consultant... are you some sort of Business Process Consultant? Or software related procurement consultant?

  3. Anonymous8:48 am

    Good grief! U shldn't eat fried stuff!!!

    Phoenyx @


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