Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Episodes: Sex, City, & Forensic Science?

Well it turns out that I like them both and I am relieved they don’t fall on the same time slot because they air it at the same night! Tuesday nights. If that happens, I probably will storm my butt in at the TV station in Hilversum (Media City of NL) and demand it to be moved!

But what would I choose really, if I had no choice? --- I would bet on "C.S.I."

"Sex & the City" is a great show…. great with fashion, career and the independent lifestyle but it doesn’t feed your inner mental thirst. In fact, I am so shallow and vain because I mainly watch the show to check out what they are wearing! Yup, the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the accessories, their hair, make-up… all that jazz and enchilada a woman wants.

I like the fact that they are career women, sporting a frivolous independent lifestyle without a man helping them pay their bills. Girl power as Spice Girls and Destiny Childs would say.

But sometimes, the storyline of SATC can suck and be damn CORNY. It exasperates me.

Like tonight in the final season episode where Charlotte got married. Anyone watched this? Ugh, what was that? Bad luck one after the other? Are they so desperate to stick to the so-called comedy theme that the show have risked itself to new charters of corniness? Bear with me for being a critic but I just want to kill the darn remote control. The punch lines they had in the show were a big joke, soooo overworked.

I know I am a terrible woman as I have no patience for dumbnation.

That’s why it keeps me sane to watch TV shows such as CSI. It brings me to the rational experience, at least. Oh dear, I start to sound mentally pompous, haha.

Actually I have been a CSI fanatic ever since this TV series invaded the Netherlands.

Problem solving type of movies just turns my libido on. I know the show is quite gruesome with all the gory blood, black ‘n blue color skin tones of victims and intestines coming out of their dead subjects. But hey, the whole cloak and dagger dissecting process makes it really exhilarating to follow. I say gripping.

Morbid? Perhaps, hehe.

I like both CSI versions, Grissom in Las Vegas and Horatio in Miami. The only thing I don’t quite get, which I anyway tolerate because it’s done ingeniously, is how on Hollywood earth can they always come across so sharp and perfect in their forensic jobs?

The show is also executed with full sophisticated sarcasm from the cast’s point of view towards the guilty party. In fact they start to behave like detectives and police officers. It annoys me at times, the smarty-pants act and well, just how everything seems to fall together like a puzzle, right at the exact moment. Last minute baby.

But anyway, for me, the thrill of the chase and solving the crime is worth my airtime, anytime.


  1. Anonymous8:04 am

    I haven't watched the SATC new series eps yet. But I'm not really into that kind of mood right now. I'm going to buy the dvds later anyway. I rarely watch tv shows because we mostly watch dvds while sitting behind the pc.

    We only watch CSI Miami because we like it better than the other one. The series though has unbelievable technology. That makes it so unreal, so I don't watch it as much as I watch 2 Law and Order shows and Crossing Jordan, which we watch before we go to sleep. But The Pretender is another story. This we watch every 7pm every weekday. You might like the latter.

    Oh and there's Star Trek series every Saturday!

    (Hmm.. I do watch tv.)- Grace

  2. Grace, your post suddenly appeared! I think blogger had problems earlier.

    I am not into law & order and pretender so much (though i watch it at times) because its just the usual detective case.... im really into forensic science, its technology and crime scene stuff investigation. my other favorites are, by the way quite morbid series: discovery channels medical detectives... and i forgot the others names, sounds like crime lab or something. anything that has to do with crime and all those serial killers hahahaha. i like how they solve a crime based on DNA via a cigarette butt, a hair or just cool study about the way the garbage bag was cut where by the way the body was dumped in or how a peanut butter can trigger a stroke haha. unbelievable lol but i enjoy it.

    Another I like is X-Files.

  3. Anonymous11:29 am

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