Friday, September 10, 2004

The Mighty EURO

The €uro currency was introduced in 1 January 2002 and have since been in circulation within the 12 Euro countries in Europe. Google them if you want to know which countries.

The implementation is supposed to make life and business easier for many Europeans, but does it really?

Its entrance created a raucous cry from the many agitated consumers resulting to a much needless expensive European life. Ooops, knowing the frugal Dutch, they are the ones suffering and clamoring the most!

In the past a cup of coffee in a cafe costs around hfl. 2,80 (Dutch Guilder). Now it is about € 2,00 (could be more depending on how upscale the place is). Ack, that’s about hfl. 4,40! Can you spot the difference? Inflated prices… and there have been a lot of musings going on that the €uro is so much inflated in value. How true?

Anyhow, here’s the currency of the new millennium. Enjoy, they are very colorful but they pale in comparison to the Dutch Guilder, click this Dutch Guilder link and you will see why!

The 5 €uro - Reminds me of the Philippine 2 Peso note in the past. I have not encountered any ATM here in NL that spew out € 5 notes.

The 10 €uro – What I normally feed my wallet. Yes, weekly.

The 20 €uro - The highest amount my wallet can get. Umm, am I finally being Dutchified???!

The 50 €uro – The highest amount you can get from any ATM here. This is also my favorite €uro note. I just love its peachy color, really cool!

The 100 €uro – Unlike the US$ 100, the € 100 is not commonly used, nor I think it is ever used? I have YET to see it! And look at that color, harvest green, green? How green can you go? *Grin*

The 200 €uro – Is this REAL money??? Yellow money? Darn, they look like play money to me, just like the ones you get when you play Monopoly or Millionaires game!

The mighty purple 500 €uro – I wonder if anyone have ever transacted with this note, or let me rephrase that, if anyone have ever SEEN this note! I bet people framed their € 500, that is if they are lucky enough to ever get a hold of this purple money!

FYI, the € 100, € 200 and € 500 are not part of the circulated €uros in the Netherlands [perhaps in other EU countries, it is].

Many European establishments, yes even banks do not accept them as the issue of counterfeit money is very high. People prefer not to risk and deal in multiples of € 50 or the popular way of transacting: Pinnen (debit card).


  1. In 3 weeks time, I'll be buying souvenirs in euros. BTW, we'll be laying over in Amsterdam for 1.5 hours on the way to Barcelona on sept 30.

  2. a french woman once tried to buy some stuff at Action. I was right behind her. Unfortunately, she gave the cashier a 100 euro bill. Naturally she got turned down and so had to leave her intended purchase to get her money changed to smaller bills in a bank. Like you, I have yet to see the bigger bills. hehe.

  3. iskolar, hey welcome! where are u now presently? too bad end of september i might be flying for a business trip! make sure u have the coins collection. the designs at the back varies per EU country, so that would be a great keep. refer to the website of the euro in my web blog and u will see the differences.

    pinay, perhaps french people uses the 100 note a lot then say the dutch? i wonder if there is a poll about how well used is the 100 and 200 notes and which countries are comfortable in using this? definitely not in NL! hehe

  4. Anonymous6:25 pm

    I prefer the PURPLE COLORED note best... =P

    Phoenyx @

  5. I've never seen a 500Euro bill myself!

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