Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Search Key Words and Phrases

From time to time, I delight in checking my site meter on how people stumbled into my virtual world. Surprisingly, a substantial number of my unknown visitors fortuitously rolled in here while on a search plight of some sexy holy grail key word/s via Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Many of these search words and phrases were actually funny, if not, wickedly hilarious. Because of this, Dutchman and I, now have a new enjoyable evening pastime...

Hah, kijk (look)! Someone is again looking for Pinay sex!”, exclaims the Dutchman as he grins ear to ear while raising his eyebrows trying to tease me.

Ah well, we Pinays plead guilty on being the most sought after female specie.” Well, are we actually?

Using the right key words can give good search results.

Since my blog entries cover various and extensive topics from the weakly dailies to the boldful tribune, thus the risk for the uncanny and perverted google’r and yahoo’er to crash land into my blog is pretty high.

Below are at least the 30 latest search key words and phrases, that I extracted randomly from my site meter statistics in the last few days. The most celebrated key word by the way (or subject matter!), is none other than the promiscuous 3 letter word, S-E-X.

1. Pinay Sex - This is the unprecendented mother of all search key phrase. It seems that someone is searching, all the time, for some Pinay type of sex. Yes, every single day. Pinayphiles people! (means a foreigner, usually caucasian, with sexual obsession and perversion on Filipinas)

2. Puke Pinay - This phrase means a Pinay’s vagina. I wonder what he (definitely a he, a Pinayphile of course) is up to?

3. Amsterdam Prostitutes - Let me guess, a horned future tourist.

4. Pickwick Tea - Must be working on a tea thesis.

5. Kasalikasan Gardens - A nice garden in Fort Bonifacio, Makati, Philippines where weddings and receptions are usually held.

6. Prostitution Europe Amsterdam - Another horned future tourist.

7. Starling - Agent Clarice Starling of Silence of the Lambs movie.

8. Chinese Mythology - I dont think I ever made an entry about this?

9. Euthanasia - Definitely Dutch but the Terry Shiavo case comes to mind.

10. Bebe Pana - The missing Filipina. She was found dead after disappearing for a few years. Her Dutch husband, a doctor, is currently on trial for her murder.

11. Pinay Sex Photo - I am quite sure this is a Pinayphile.

12. Dutch-Philippines - This looks like a normal search phrase.

13. Marijuana Foto Holland - A future stoned tourist.

14. Young Bodies Pinay - WTF? What about us 35 year old Pinay bodies?

15. Cebuano Big - Big what?

16. Spaniard Hairstyles - ???

17. Pinay Nudity - What else, another Pinayphile in search action!

18. Chateau de Busay - A fine dining restaurant in the hills of Cebu City, Philippines.

19. Flachspeuler - A German word for flat flusher toilet. Many are installed here in NL, especially with the older houses and buildings.

20. Medemblik fietsen - Medemblik biking, Medemblik is a town here in NL up north.

21. Pinay Vagina - Ah... finally, an English version of Puke Pinay. Damn, these Pinayphiles...

22. Café Havana Manila - A bar-café in Greenbelt, Makati, Philippines. Lots of expats, tourists, locals and well, hookers too that hang out in here.

23. Jersey Vacation - Jersey island in the U.K.

24. Pinay Sexuality - Hmm, I knew we Pinays are hot!

25. Leron Leron Sinta - A popular Filipino children’s song.

26. Panglao, Bohol - An island in the Philippines well known for diving and white sand beaches.

27. Europalaan Tippelzone - A prostitute pick-up zone (actually a street) here in Utrecht. This must be a horned local, I'm pretty damn sure.

28. (NAIA) Airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines.

29. Pinay Sexual - OK, I know! I am hot!

30. America compared to Europe - Uh huh, *one eyebrow raised*

PS: I have new visitors today that landed in my blog using the following new search key words:

31. The Dutchman Blogspot London - Not Dutchman in Holland eh?

32. Walking the Dog - This is interesting.

33. Dutched Pinay - Ooops. No worries, I don't know you!

34. Pinay Sex - Well well, so many Pinayphiles out there! Grabe.

35. How to run, Dutch's Red Light Districht - OK, this one is strange? Help me out here?

36. Pinay Prostitutes - Definitely a severe case of Pinayphile. Real grabe na!


  1. I love this topic - I saw something similar on another blog that made me laugh so hard I almost lost control of my faculties. I'll see if I can dig it up and send you the link.

    I'm always amazed when I see some of the search words that people have used to find my website. I'll have to do an entry about it soon...


  2. Anonymous11:47 am

    Hi MissT!
    just want to inform you that bebe was featured in TFC. her mother speaks good english and it seems the family is well educated.

  3. Rik,

    I know! this is so hilarious. I have had in my statistics really funny search key words in the past. the ones above are just the latest stored in my site meter. i just checked again my site statistics and found new interesting search key words... will add it later in my entry.


    Oh really, too bad I dont have TFC (there is no TFC here I think). There was another episode about her case but I wasnt able to watch it. I think her remains was shipped back to the Philippines for burial. Really sad story.

  4. insomnia .. so i couldn't help but browse some blogs, and came across your blog. i like it .. very informative and fun. i'll need to remember to come back to this when i'm more alert and explore the other areas of your blog

  5. Just checked some of my search strings (for my website, not the blog), and last month I had this interesting tidbit:

    9 - Frankfurt red light district
    8 - red light district frankfurt
    4 - frankfurt germany red light district

    I must have alot of sexual deviants reading my site...


  6. Hey, this is hilarious! Haha, it's so funny that so many people come to ur site by typing the word 'sex'! Anyway, question: where did you get that information? Bcoz on my blog I have a statistics-link as well, called softwarewings (the butterfly), but it doesn't tell me what the ppl were looking for when they came to my site by websearch?

  7. OK, I found the blog entry I mentioned in my first post! Here it is:

    Be warned, there are some bad words on there in case that offends anyone. Funny as hell...


  8. Anonymous3:36 pm

    Hey guys , since we are in this topic , does anyone of you knows any tool to trace IP's??? Just curious.

  9. Anonymous5:06 pm

    writing all those down would definitely warrant more people looking for those online! haha

  10. Anonymous5:21 pm

    I laughed so hard at #30 and #33, some people obviously like you, Jorz and they just couldn't admit it.

    Pinays are definitely sexy!


    PS. Got your email and I'm on gag order by people of authority. They are obviously working on it.

  11. Hi Nam LaMore, Welcome to my virtual world. Thanks for dropping by and do come back :-)

    Rik, Notice the pattern? It all has something to do with S-E-X, haha!

    Hey, I will check out that link later when I am done with this post and with my blog rounds.

    Elja, Yeah, everyone wants to know more about sex, LOL.

    I dont know anything about softwarewings. I am using Nedstat. It's pretty cool. Try it out!

    Mel, That would be a different tool altogether. Email me at and will tell ya. Wait, are you Mel, the Gyoshibabe or are you Mel Ditangco? Sorry, i got 2 Mel's visiting this blog!

    AnP, Right, you just reminded me that I will be swamped soon with all those sex offenders, LOL!!!

    Carrisse, On the #30, I was like, "Huh?" Haha... and on the #33, I knew it already that these people are obsessed with me. I don't mind, I can handle obsession. My ego feeds on the attention I get and Dutchman thinks its cool, LOL.

    Update me about the case. Goodspeed!

  12. Anonymous10:10 pm

    Grabeh, America compared to Europe??? Bloody ridiculous!

  13. Anonymous10:26 pm

    I thought #2 is puke as in peuk! haha! aren't they kano trying to speak the language like jb in ff?
    I think #21 is a link to your "shocking magazine" january entry. hahaha!
    #30, well... hehe... it can't be the other way around huh? Who and why? Duidelijk!
    Wa ko say sa #33!!!! Sikat ka Dhay!!! Sa atoa pa - Da mor yu hate, da mor yu kuhit!!! harharhar! ;-D
    Maam E

  14. Applied to Nedstat now, I can see u visited my blog yesterday! Hehe, it's fun :)!

  15. I have been for a while and your blog is so sexed up LOL! Wow.. this is funMiss T and my life in Oslo is not fun without internet at home!

  16. Ara, I was wondering what results did google gave him about the differences between america and europe, hehe.

    Maám E, "Peuk", yeah right, lol. Maybe what you mean was, "the more you hate, the more you love"? Haha. Hey, saw the pictures, very sweet kayo. The model family of the year!

    Elja, Thats good :-) Lots of people use Nedstat

    Sha, Whats going on with you? Blogging is not the same without you girl, hehe. Get an internet quick at home. And let me know when you are settled in Oslo, so we can have coffee by the fjords. I don´t have your yahoo email too!

  17. Anonymous5:28 pm

    We actually have TFC in NL. Learned it when APO Hiking visited. 60 EUR per month. Gusto ka? LOL
    Maam E

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