Wednesday, August 17, 2005


There is no turning back! I am going to “Winter Sport” this January!

Thinking about that makes my knees wobble and my heart palpitate. This will be my first time!!! Darn, I don’t even know how to ski! I know it’s not the best of all ideas to start learning how to ski at 35. Like they say: “It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks

The winter holiday was finalized last weekend when we were at Friesland. Dutchman’s friends, the couple who owned the farm; let’s call them PI couple; initially mentioned their plan to go to winter sport in January, without the kids[!]. It was also our plan but there was nothing concrete, no schedule and the Dutchman kept throwing doubts about my physical condition. He thinks I have no place in the sports world and is not fit to ski! (Uh-huh, say that again? I have trekked the mountains and rivers of Banaue, climbed up to the 3rd level (top most) of Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu, and did spelunking in big Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, well full of bats!)

Well thank heavens for reinforcement. The PI couple undauntedly believed in my desire to ski. Nevertheless, by popular demand, the cheese-head was forced to agree and commit. I quickly laid a € 200 - BAIL OUT FEE (I have 4 witnesses)! If he bails out, he pays me € 200, [laughs evil-y]. Am I just so smart or am I just resolved to the ski challenge?

The winter sport holiday will be in the Austrian Alps. I heard Austria offers a great nightlife too.

Here is a foto of a ski resort in the Austrian Alps somewhere in Tirol region, in the west part of Austria.

We are currently busy canvassing which ski resort we will take (4 of us are going and will share a cozy chalet). We have to book in advance because many people all over Europe go regularly to winter sport. Anywho, the resort would surely look like the above… all snowy white!

Now I badly need to prepare for the trip. I practically have 5 months before the holiday, so that’s excellent enough to get my muscles flexed and stretched, my condition worked out, my confidence beefed up, and buy the essentials [winter sport clothes, shoes and accessories] for this sportive holiday.

Luckily, there is a Skipiste [ski arena] in Nieuwegein, Utrecht, about 20 minutes from where we live that offers ski lessons. They have a 15 meter high ski landing and slope. I think the hill was said to be made from garbage (umm, like the smokey mountain of the Philippines? hehe). Click here for a foto.The white thing is the man-made slope where you can practice skiing.

Yay, I am extremely excited!!!

In the meantime, I am absorbed with my Benelux [Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg] and Germany city spotting tour. I am off to Brussels soon. Stay tuned for recaps and foto’s of these beautiful and historic cities.

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