Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Killing your Goliath

I am halfway with my ski lessons. Now I can glide easily from the top of the runway all the way down. Hallelujah! I think the runway we trained is not that steep compared to the rest of the runways but still it’s quite high up there.

A delicate triumphant grin and pose after the slide. On the 2nd photo is the runway we trained. See those tiny people lined up horizontally on top? That’s us, ready to show off our newfound ski talent, hehe.

Click to enlarge foto.

The first time I was up in the runway, I felt butterflies attacking my stomach, mix emotions of awe [beautiful scenery of the park], fear [the height!] and the dare factor that I have to surmount [to actually have the courage to slither down].

Half of my insides were screaming: “You are damn petrified!
The other half told me: “You must defeat these goliaths that face you

I experienced the chills of nervousness because gliding down can happen so fast. You can soar through the runway in a matter of seconds and if you don’t know how to slow down [such as turning to the left and right] and break [the V technique], then brace yourself for a painful crash landing. Like what happened to my classmate, at full speed she drove straight to the fence. Ouch.

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