Friday, April 07, 2006

Dutched Pinay on Expatica

“We both knew that the time has arrived to take the relationship to the next step and living worlds apart was definitely not the answer.”

Click on the Dutched Pinay logo to read the introduction article of Dutched Pinay at Expatica Netherlands - Who is Dutched Pinay?

“Essentially, I consider myself a well assimilated expatriate in this country, hence my title, Dutched Pinay, or in other words, a Filipina who has partly become Dutch.”

The Dutched Pinay will be writing every week at Expatica about living and surviving Dutch life.

Expatica is the #1 English-language news & information source for expatriates living in, working in or moving to the Netherlands (Holland), Germany, France, Belgium or Spain. Expatica publishes eight websites and five country-oriented Survival Guides.

More information on Expatica below:

Main Expatica page: Expatica

Expatica Netherlands page: Expatica Netherlands

Expat Column in Expatica where Dutched Pinay blogs: Expat Blog: Dutched Pinay

Thanks Cormac and Expatica!

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