Friday, May 19, 2006

Baguettes and Lovers

I’ve told myself one time that I do not see myself blogging until the age of 40 and that one day I will wake up and say --- I have had enough of blogging! LOL

Well lately, I have been lazy to write, not to mention I was busy with many urgent matters to attend to... but then again, I always find time to write... just not recently.

On the other hand, the Dutchman is still across the globe and its been 3 weeks long already. This is so far the longest business trip he ever made, well in years. Maybe I am just missing him.

Anyway, I have here some interesting pictures of baguettes and lovers in Paris, taken a week and a half ago.

1st Photo: Old Parisian women chatting in the corner of the street, one holding a baguette. MadamE and I had dirty minds; we broke out into fits of laughter because the old woman holding the baguette kept pointing it to the other old woman below her waist! Didn’t I say before that these French breads looked like oversized phalluses?

2nd Photo: A hunk Parisian guy walking in the streets of Montmartre with a baguette. I’ve wanted to take a picture of him facing the camera but when he passed by he was grinning ear to ear at my direction. Because of that I became suddenly conscious --- oops I got shy, ha-ha.

3rd Photo: A cute Parisian couple, each with a lavender flower bouquet in their hands and the guy with what else, a baguette.

1st Photo: A tourist couple sitting in the bench under the Eiffel Tower while the neighbor at their back is enveloped in his own world, totally mindless of his surroundings – notice how he comfortably displayed his right foot out of his sandal?

2nd Photo: Another tourist couple stopping by to watch the scenic river Seine in the middle of a bridge.

1st Photo: An intimate couple, the guy standing and holding the girl propped up nicely on the ledge balustrade of the Louvre. They’ve been necking at each other the whole time but helaas my hands weren’t fast enough to capture them in the torrid love scene act.

2nd Photo: Another couple reading magazines while sitting on top of the balustrades in Pompidou. Both are definitely oblivious to their surroundings and also to each other.

3rd Photo: Two couples by the Metro (subway) entrance along the Rue de Rivoli.

2nd Photo: Couples having dinner and drinks in a charming cafe in Place du Tetre in Montmartre.

1st Photo: That’s me spying them, he-he.

1st Photo: More couples having drinks in a café by the Place du Tetre in Montmartre. This is also the cafe where Dutchman and I sat down 5 years ago.

2nd Photo: MadamE and I in Pompidou taking pictures in front of this interesting art in the form of a star and made of glass mirrors. The stars art exhibition in the grounds of Pompidou represents all the EU member countries.

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