Saturday, September 29, 2007

The “Anniversary Debate”

This fall is our 7 years anniversary, and 5 years (last August) of living together. So to commemorate this very special occasion, I came up with a few romantic suggestions.

Initially, Dutchman told me that in the Netherlands the usual practice of couples is to only celebrate when the milestone of 10 years being together has been achieved. Now tell me... how dull, uninspiringless, and unromantic that can get for the first 9 years and 11 months in the relationship? With a Dutch man(woman)?

Nevertheless, I told him flatly, and resolutely –- I am not Dutch, so you are going to compromise with me and abide with my terms. PUNT. Actually I am Dutch *sniggers*, as I am a holder of the maroon passport, but, you know what I mean.

And well... his response was only a sheepish smile. Nou goed!

So here are the choices I made. See my poll of getaways below, and please do vote! Let me know what is best.

There is also an additional function in there to vote your choice of romantic getaway. Let’s see what’s popular.

Rules: If you pick “Other” please make sure your suggestion falls under the long weekend getaway category.

Vote now!


19 votes - Castle somewhere in France
7 votes - Spa in Limburg, Holland
8 votes - Pick any European city trip

And for the “Other” here they are (I am the only person who can see the responses so I am adding them here):

4 votes - Venice, Italy
3 votes - Paris, France
2 votes - Barcelona, Spain
2 votes - Seychelles/Mauritius
1 vote - Castle in Valkenburg, Netherlands
1 vote - Cook at home then go to the movies
1 vote - Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea
1 vote - Marseille, France

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