Friday, April 25, 2008

Cruising Amsterdam

I have been so very very busy at work and everything is up to my neck! But I love it. Many people say money makes the world go round but nothing motivates me more than winning.

Here are some snippets of yesterday’s cruise in the Amsterdam canals.

The dark mysterious thin and leaning buildings of Amsterdam.

Love to drink ‘rose’ (especially when the sun is out) and I had 4 glasses but surprisingly I didn’t get drunk? Bravo!

Well, those are my ‘rosetjes’ ;-)

I kind of like the melancholy effect in this shot.

The almighty Dutch weather has never failed to entertain us with her peculiar manners. She creeps behind the clouds, casting gloomy shadows as we raft through the freshwater (our tour guide said it is indeed freshwater) canals. Sometimes she showers us with her tears of spring, and from time to time she shows us her glorious rays.

Fotos are not rich in pixels as I took them with my mobile phone, but the quality is quite impressive for a little camera in a mobile phone.

Tour guide says Hamburg beat Amsterdam to 6 bridges. And there is one thing for sure we (the men especially) enjoyed - we knew more about her (our tour guide’s) interesting life than Amsterdam, lol.

Going under the bridge.

After the boat trip, the group disembarked near Vondel Park. We had some laughs and drinks in a hip cafe nearby before we headed off to our next agenda in the evening, dinner at the American Hotel in Leidseplein. I didn’t make it to the bar finale afterwards as I had a searing headache. They were even thinking of going to a club which never happened as everyone was too tired already.

Well, I am not a feestbeest anymore and my social tolerance span is like Cinderella’s + 4 to 5 glasses of alcoholic beverages (water only, at least 4 hours before driving).

Visit Period: April 2008
Destination: Amsterdam Centre, Netherlands

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