Sunday, June 27, 2010

Natherlands: Scheveningen Panoramic Shots

I finally have a new camera! Wahoo!

A Sony Cybershot HX5V with built-in GPS, 10x optic pocket super-zooming capability and tadaaah—panoramic feature. For a test drive, we went to Scheveningen Beach yesterday and did some panoramic fotos.

Scheveningen beach, the beach clubs and the Pier.

I will be doing more tests with this camera soon in other places, with the weather warm—not a fan though if it gets too warm, I will be definitely taking some days to drive down to Belgium in the Walloon area or maybe head east to Germany. I’m tempted to fly down to the south of France as well but since I’m going for a long needed summer relaxation holiday with the Dutchman soon, I’ll reserve this for later.

Did you like the panoramic shots? Here is a vertical shot of moi at the pier =)

At any rate, I am very happy with the Sony Cybershot HX5V and the only complain we have for this is the lifespan of the battery and the sound. The battery cannot handle continuous filming and the sound quality is not as grand as our old Fuji camera. This camera seriously need a second or third battery as reserve(s) and bad news, they do not come cheap.

I’m not really hard to please with gadgets so this camera is more than enough for the pretty much not-the-gadget-girl me!

Stay tuned for more fotos of Scheveningen soon.

Visit Period: June 2010
Destination: Scheveningen (The Hague - South Holland), the Netherlands

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