Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gamla Stan, Stockholm: A meet and a Räksmörgås at Stortorgskällaren Restaurant in Stortorget Square

After my eventless search of Stockholm’s subway art and joyriding, I went shopping at the PUB which is also where my hotel is located. It’s still raining cats and dogs and cows outside and even though I have an umbrella courtesy of my hotel, I was not in the mood to walk outside. No one in their sane mind would.

Late lunch at Stortorget: Räksmörgås and going against the trend pairing it with a red.

I also went to have a quick coffee at the café corner of the building where I had a yummy delicacy—munched a tiny crunchy croissant filled goodie stuffed with lemon. It was really good! I wish I knew the name.

The rain slowed down a bit in the early afternoon when I took the metro back to Gamla Stan. I am meeting an old colleague in Stortorget. She is Swedish with South Asian roots. We used to work together at F years ago in Amsterdam. The last time I saw her was her going away party at her apartment in the centre of Amsterdam. I remember liking her apartment, quite spacious with a little balcony that overlooks down a secluded garden, however, when you step outside the front door you are welcomed by pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic. Such a contrast it was.

She helped me order some Swedish stuff and told me that I should try räksmörgås, which many of us might have tried unknowingly at IKEA food/cafe. Well, I did, before. Räksmörgås is basically peeled shrimps, fresh ones.

Honestly I am not such a big fan of traditional Swedish food but I think, compared to the Netherlands, Sweden, due to its strong design background and adaptation to contemporary styles, has more inviting and trendy restaurants and eating out culture.

It was a nice close to my Stockholm weekend getaway. Nice to get in touch with an old friend and colleague.

Now it’s time to rush back to the hotel to pick up my bag. I am not sure if I will be taking the cab back to the airport or the Arlanda train express... which is quicker?

It was august with some showers, a bit cold for summer.

The terrace view from the Stortorgskällaren restaurant at the famous old square of Gamla Stan, Stortorget. 

Travel Period: August 2011
Destination: Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden

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