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Lunch in Paxos on Gaios Harbour at Taverna Spaghetteria Mediterraneo

As we entered Gaios Strait sailing towards the harbour, I saw this solitary taverna tucked away in the corner of the harbour boulevard. A quiet and somewhat private restaurant far away from the hustle and bustle of the harbour and the town square. Ah, this is precisely what I am looking for.

The taverna is located on the entrance of the harbour, on the end of the harbour promenade.

Because it was past 14:00, Dutchman and I directly proceeded to the restaurant after docking. Dutchman didn’t have a clue where we were going but he trusts the choices I make when it comes to restaurants and places to sit back, relax and chill out with a drink.

When we arrived at Taverna Spaghetteria Mediterraneo, Dutchman could only press a smile on his mouth. He quickly picked a table under the shade of a row of plumeria trees and sat down, admiring the perfect view in front of him—the Gaios Strait. From our table we could see all the boats coming in to the harbour. Wow, what a fantastic spot we have!

Because it’s an Italian restaurant, Dutchman settled for pasta. The classic linguine with tomato sauce crowned with basil leaves. I on the other hand decided to go for a plate of grilled sardines which goes well with a squeeze of a lemon. We skipped salads, side dishes and desserts. These add-ons are usually the culprits that can make anyone gain weight. When we holiday though we do our best to be mindful of what we eat, and this means (a) try our best to avoid ordering side orders and desserts (b) if we do order, and as a rule, we skip one for the other, basically just take 1, and (c) we always share.

I really love this taverna. It has a great location, it is peaceful and quiet here, it has a cosy and friendly atmosphere, and lastly, it has magnificent views of the harbour and the boats coming through. The food is just a plus, and it’s undoubtedly quite good. You will be pleased.

The taverna has a few tables under the shade of plumeria trees with pink and white frangipani blossoms which reminds me of the Philippines. 

An Italian father having lunch with his two sons.

As you can see we have a great spot to boat and people watch =)

The taverna is located at the end of the harbour promenade just before entering the Gaios harbour.

Classic Italian pasta (linguine) with tomato sauce and basil.

Fresh grilled sardines. Squeeze that half a lemon on top and I am all set. In Greece they always serve a basket of bread as well on the table, even if you do not ask for it. It's like cover charge.

Cats are everywhere in the Greek Islands. They usually come stealthily under your table (or they were sleeping there without you realising) and look at you longingly for some leftovers.

A new cruiser has arrived carrying day passengers.

This junction of the harbour can indeed get busy sometimes.

While some have their own boats (could be rental ones as well). Dutchman and I realised we are not really the boat-yachting type. 

And here another boat has arrived with eager passengers on board.

Travel Period: June 2015
Destination: Gaios, Paxos (Paxi – Ionian Island), Greece

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