Saturday, September 16, 2017

Moselle River: Postcards from Riesling Land

We are in Riesling land!

The village of Zell-Merl on the Moselle River. Ah, we had lovely weather!

Test-driving the hybrid Audi. We are loving the virtual cockpit. GPS screen on the driver's dashboard! Really, really cool. I can even instruct by voice where to go and which person to call (my iPhone is connected).

Just a long extended weekend in the Moselle River where the German Riesling grape grows. We are test-driving my brand new lease car from work so we picked a destination that is not too far away and not too close as well.

It is beautiful here and it is my second time here in the Moselle River Valley. These are just a few pictures and I will be posting the villages and activities we did in separate posts soon.

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Here at the village called Bullay. We stayed here. The village is known for its old bridge, Doppelstockbrücke, connecting the villages of Alf and Bullay.

We hiked a total of 16+ kilometers through the winding vineyards from Bullay to Zell (Moselsteig hiking route) and back via the river village road. We are making a stop here for the lovely view.

The Moselle River is home to the white wine called Riesling. I love the medium Riesling, a bit dry and not too sweet.

This is the village called Zell.

Some vineyards here harvest the grapes manually by hand.

The beautiful village of Kaimt just across Zell.

More soon!

Travel Period: September 2017
Destination: Bullay-Zell, Mosselle (Rhineland Pfalz), Germany

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All pictures were taken by a point and shoot pocket camera or a smartphone.

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